Welcome to the Magnetic Materials and Switches group page. We are working in the interfaces between Inorganic, Physical and Materials Chemistry. Our research focuses mainly on the rational design and synthesis of new molecular magnetic materials (organic, inorganic and nanoscale). These molecular systems exhibit several advantages such as the chemical and structural versatility, low density, solubility towards conventional solvents and possess interesting physical properties such as (Photo)magnetic, Photoluminescence, Electro- and Thermal transport, Magnetocaloric effect and Optical properties. Some of these selective materials have been used to anchor with carbon nanotubes or grafted onto silica nanoparticles for the preparation of exciting hybrid materials. We are also interested to build molecular machines with the combination of switching materials. Such systems offer appealing future applications for electronic devices, molecular switches and sensors, information storage and high-density recording media. We are using various physical techniques for characterization such as Variable temperature FT-IR, UV-Vis (Solid-state and solution), Raman, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Thermogravimetric Analysis, Cyclic Voltammetry, NMR (Solution and Solid-state), Mass Spectrometry, Variable temperature Single crystal and powder X-Ray Diffraction (under irradiation), EPR, Mössbauer, Electron Microscopy, SQUID Magnetometer (under irradiation) and PPMS Susceptometer.

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