Our research focuses mainly on the design and synthesis of new Molecular Materials and Switches (MMS). The synopsis is divided into ten parts, described in the following sections to give better perspectives of our research domain.

  1. (Photo) and Thermo-Induced Electron Transfer Systems
  2. Spin-Crossover Systems
  3. Valence Tautomeric Systems
  4. Radical-based Magnetic Materials
  5. Organometallic Single-Molecule Magnets (SMMs)
  6. Photoresponsive and Switchable Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs)
  7. Supramolecular Cage Type Complexes (integrated with photoactive ligands)
  8. Molecular Machine and Rotaxane of Magnetic Materials
  9. Magnetic Liquid Crystals
  10. Molecule-based Magnetic Nanoparticles and Quantum Dots